My review of akikan! so far

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“Akikan (”Empty Can”) is the unlikely story of high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a human girl. More “akikan” girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.” Taken From Wiki

First off Akikan had to have one of the strangest concepts that I have seen. I mean a girl that turns in to a can? ive never seen any anime like this on.  So Kakeru Loves cans and even collects them, but one day right as he steps out of the shower and Is about to enjoy a nice melon soda turn in to a girl (The blond one).  Odd for me, but I find this series interesting  and this series is a good. But then alittle after that  Hidehiko Otoya (He Likes men lol) and Airin Kizaki come to explain to them about Akikan Elect which is a competition between Steel and Aluminum cans to see which one is dominate.I like the character designs. Plus it just fun to watch, its enough to keep your interests But It can be low quality some times.


This series has kept me interested with its charm (and perverted-ness)   even with all of it’s faults I really recommend this anime I give it a 9/10 Currently this anime has 5 subbed Episodes

List of characters so far

Kakeru Daichi;


A sixteen year old male virgin studying at Kyuugetsu Academy. He’s a perverted boy who loves to play lewd jokes. He enjoys collecting rare juice cans and basically likes juices. Owner of Melon. (taken from wiki)



A steel Akikan who came from a melon soda, owned by Kakeru. She’s competitive and strong-willed, which was the reason why she was always having a fight with Kakeru. Although she likes her owner she cannot express her feelings well, which ends up telling opposite of what she wants to say. She likes watching baseball matches, even with midnight telecasts, though she has stated she has no clue on how the game is played. (taken from wiki)

Najimi Tenkuji:


Kakeru’s childhood-friend and classmate, whose charm point is her “antenna” hair which changes form according to her mood. She’s an heiress to the Tenkuuji group of companies and she holds a romantic feeling toward Kakeru. She’s gentle and easy-going, but her weird sense of imagination tend to warp her into her own world. She became Yell’s owner as she bought a sports drink at the night of Yurika Kochikaze’s birthday party (taken from wiki)



An Aluminum Akikan who came from a sports drink, owned by Najimi. She’s usually cool and composed but she becomes furious when someone tries to insult her owner. She’s got sharp vision which was the cause for her being sensitive to moving objects, which causes her the urge to play with it. (taken from wiki)



An Aluminum Akikan who came from a grape juice. She’s small but strong willed and talks in a funny way.  (taken from wiki)

Yurika Kochikaze

39(red haired on)

Kakeru and Najimi’s classmate who claims to be Najimi’s lover. She’s always having fights with Kakeru and Yell as her rival for Najimi. She’s also a self-proclaimed witch and she often uses cards to throw at Kakeru. In some instances she shows mysterious powers. (taken from wiki)

Goro Amaji


Kakeru’s classmate and friend. He was nick-named Gigolo by Kakeru but he was far from being a ladies’ man. He is often forgotten by his friends due to his lack of Existence. He’s also got crush for Yurika Kochikaze but always ends up not being able to tell her or being ignored. But, he is a reliable person at times of need, always ready to help his friend. (taken from wiki agian)

Hidehiko Otoya:


A government official designated to Department of Economy. He is the person who established the “Akikan Elect” and “Intelligence Port project”, though his motive for their establishment is not yet clear. A self-proclaimed gay who love pretty boys. He’s often having contact with Kakeru harassing him sexually.( taken from wiki)

Airin Kizaki:


Otoya’s secretary. She’s strict but shy by nature and is always having a problem with Otoya calling her by her given name, which she was emabarassed to be heard by others. She’s also one of the few ordinary persons in the series.(taken from wiki)  She also like cats.



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