Stabber Prostitute Breaks into Home to Charge Phone

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” “I couldn’t afford the electricity” – a female prostitute who broke into her neighbour’s home using a key she stole and copied the year before, and then charged her phone, took such exception to the objections of her neighbour to this trespass that she began slashing her with a kitchen knife.

She was soon arrested, and claimed poverty had her bereft of lighting or heating, let alone the ability to charge her phone…

The problem apparently began when the lady of negotiable affection (34) had her chat with a friend interrupted when the battery on her phone was exhausted. She used her key to the neighbouring apartment, a copy, to enter whilst her neighbour was out, and charged her battery there.

She had apparently acquired the key by stealing another key left in the apartment whilst it was being renovated; thinking it useful, she had a copy made (and presumably returned the original).

Her neighbour noticed the intrusion, and confronted the scarlet trespasser. A row erupted. The prostitute ran back to her kitchen, and came back wielding a kitchen knife, the blade generously sized at 17cm.

In the ensuing fracas, she cut both hands of her neighbour, wounding her, but was soon arrested and charged with assault and violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law (which allows carrying about only blades of a few cm).

The harlot stabber pleads poverty: “I was experiencing economic hardships, and I was living in my apartment without even lighting or heating.” She does not explain how come she had a charged mobile phone or how she paid for this…

Via Sankei.

In Japan these sorts of night trades are referred to as the “mizushoubai”, the water trades, and this mainly reflects their unstable earnings.

People working in such capacities often have great difficulty securing regular accommodation due to their propensity to not pay their rent, which is apparently not without basis in fact…

At least she was not charged with stealing the electricity…” Taken from

I found this funny thought I share with everyone


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