Afro samurai the Game Review

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Manga turned anime/moive now comes into the light of day on your Xbox 360 / PS3. Some people might think that the show was so awesome and bloody that they couldn’t have put all of that into this anime game. And they would be wrong; this game has all the look and feel to the anime Right down to the wonderful hip-hop sound track (more about that later). In my mind this has to be one of the best games based of an anime to come out so far.It’s got style it has to be one of the best looking action game to come out so far in 2009.

And right behind Afro is his (Trustworthy side kick?) Ninja ninja which Provides a lot of humor for the game. The first words when you start the game is “Hey Afro, Did I wake you Mother F**ker?” also Ninja ninja will help you by telling you where to go if your lost but if you push it to much he’ll start to shout out stuff like “You Need to draw you Bitch ass a map or something,”  and my favorite line “Bitch I aint your GPS!”

Also the voice acting is top notch for a game of its kind Like the anime  Samuel L. Jackson is the voices for Afro and ninja ninja. and the sound track is one of the best Ive herd in a game in a while. Even if your not a big fan of hip-hop you’ll find something you’ll like on the sound track. Its got songs ranging from Japanese instrumental to almost everything in between.


you wont forget the fight with“Kuma”

But even with me giving this game all this praise I just have to say that this game is not perfect (far from being perfect). At time the Cramra seems like it is your worst enemy. and Jumping some times seems a little unresponsive. I  got to this point in the level were you verse The Empty Seven were you jump on a platform and it breaks it work fine some times but other time it would break before I even landed on the platform. But with all it’s falts It is still a really fun game to play and I think that what really matter. Plus it only took me 5 hours and 30 minutes to beat it but there is a harder mode unlocked when you beat it once so it goes on longer but Ive stopped there for right now. Back to Virtual fighter 5 for the moment

For the story I would give it a 8/10 because I feel like the anime told it better

For graphics Id give it a 9/10

Soundtrack is easily a 10/10 you should go and download it as soon as you can

Control is a 8/10 because camera control is inverted it takes some getting use to but its still annoying

Overall I would give afro samurai a 8 out of 10 and the official Okatu + Seal of approval (icon coming soon)


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