A Small Little Question on Video Game

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Sorry for not being able to Post much but been busy with school but yeah anyways, Ive had alot of time to think because Im alone with my school work (and there is alot of it XD). But when I do get time by my self I do 10 push ups (maybe that’s just me) or just go and play video games (that’s the normal one). So after while of me with my thoughts I was thinking; but, one day when I was playing  Tales of Vesperia with my brother and two other friends when I just blurted out, “Why is everyone in games running? Whats the hurry?” Everyone pondered that question and then went “huh yeah that weird” and then went on playing Vesperia. But I have the feeling that they quickly forgot about it.

But I continued to think about this. I mean I can understand if its a war games like Call of duty and some action games. But for some other games when I fell unless your not on the world map you really don’t need to run. I short of like “Oh hey that dungeon was tough and were really tired. Oh hey I have an idea Let all run full sprint to the inn!” Don’t get me wrong I still have my people run the only game I can remember not Running was Lunar: Dragon Song but that only because it drained your health (but i only played that game for 30 minutes and stop so yeah). Its not like if they run in a small town that its going to change anything or if people are relaxing for a while but they all are still running to get there. Well what ever it is I just dont know just stuff I think about when I’m by myself :3.


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Happy Easter!!! Done!! Finally done!

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