Done!! Finally done!

April 20, 2009 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

Finlay done with a AZ Government project that took me all week end and most of today to finish. I swear the only thing I did this week end was this project I did. What this project is about is that its my observation while at teen court; but, there is a twist with mine. instead of just a normal written paper (because that would be boring), mine is my experience at teen court done by the characters and settings  of  Phoenix  Wright  Ace  Attorney!! How I got this was, my student teacher for AZ government said she really didn’t like the way that the last observation was done. So she offered us 2 choices the first choice would be the normal observation. Then the second would have a small writing section to it then a movie/ slide show/ Pod cast. ETC, and the first word to pop in my head was OBJECTION!!!!!! I think i might have went a little overboard on this project, but hey she said she would give extra Credit to anyone who goes up and above the set limit. So let hope I get a good grade on this. When I get this graded Ill put it up on and Ill post the link in this post. Till then……….. Heres a great Phoenix Wright AMV (contains Spoilers)


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