Game Review: Lux pain

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luxpainPLOT: “Lux-Pain is set in the historical Kisaragi City, a town plagued by mysteries from small mishaps to murders – with no logical explanation as to why these events occur. It seems “Silent”, a worm born through hate and sadness, has infected humans and forced them to commit atrocious crimes. Atsuki’s parents are the victim of such crimes. To avenge his parents, Atsuki goes through a dangerous operation to acquire Lux-Pain in his left arm, a power so strong that it turns his right eye golden when using it to seek and destroy Silent for good.” Taken From Wiki.

First off this game is different for the US; Lux pain is a Visual novel like The Ace Attorney series which isn’t a bad thing. That doesn’t make this game bad its really fun but, it would have been a lot more fun if this game was checked over for poorly translated text. if this was an action game I could over look that, but because this game is so heavily text based I can not over look this fact. also there is some touch screen discovering what people are thinking or feeling. also you use the touch screen to fight silent but these fights are well boring there is three different types of items that the silent but all it really comes down to is poking your scratching at your touch screen.


Scratching away for hidden thoughts

This game also has good voice acting but not every character  has voice acting; but this makes the awkward when your talking to one character has voice acting and one of them doesn’t.

Also I would have enjoyed this game alot more if the game was only 8 hours like Last years Time Hollow. But one of the biggest flaws with this game is that it just keeps going and going and going. I think for this game I clocked in a good 17 hours in this game. On of the good elements that Time Hollow had going for it is that it didn’t ware out its welcome. But Lux Pain did ware out its welcome  I was so close to going “You Know what? No.” And just set the DS down and going to play something else.

But I was impressed with look and feel of the game. The Visuals were nice and not a eye sore. I believe that this would have been better as an anime then a game. You know what I really do wish someone would make an anime out of  Lux pain.

Ratings  I Really liked Lux Pain but The Flaws that its has really took me out of the experience of the game.

Visuals: 8/10. It had a nice anime look that I really enjoyed

Sound track: 7/10. Nothing really special just a normal DS soundtrack

Controls: 5/10 Yet again nothing really special just tap/scratch the Touch screen

Story: 6/10 it was a good story but the Poor translation took me out of it.

Overall I give Lux Pain a 6/10. If you like anime and dont mind some poorly translated text then this game will be for you, for everyone else I think you might just want to skip this one for right now maybe wait till it drops in price. But Dont get me wrong even though I gave it a 6/10 I really liked this game.


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