Im back!! and anime recomendation: Asura cryin’

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Well im back after what seem like an eternity im back and with my new laptop and a high school diploma ^_^ yep I graduated (go me.) anyway Im back there should be more updates from now on.

Any ways for today I have an anime recomendation for everyone (like the title said) For asura cryin’

Asura cryin

PLOT: ” Semi-serious school action story revolves around Tomoharu Natsume, a boy who has been haunted by a ghostly girl who was a childhood friend.” taken from wiki

At first to tell everyone the truth I only started watching this anime because I needed help with the DS game Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus.


Well this game is a story for a different day

But so far I have not gotten any help by watching the anime. but what I have gotten is a enjoyable anime that at first I was having trouble classifying it. At frist I thought it was going to be a normal high school anime with a ghost of a friend following him. But then it turns into a all out war for a breif case with Tomoharu cought in the middle of it. then it becomes a Mecha anime. But I know that may have sounded confuseing but just watch this anime to find out what I mean.


Tomoharu Natsume: “Tomoharu is the lead male character, often known as Tomo. He is sent to live on his own so he will not be in the way of his mother and new boyfriend.” taken from wiki


Misao Minakami: “one of the lead female character, she is Tomo’s childhood friend. She became the Burial Doll of the Asura Machina Kurogane three years ago when she was involved in a plane crash”


this gets Oaktu + approved finnished_edited-2


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