Nintendo’s press confrence

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So Nintendo’s press confrence just ended and let me tell you it was much better then last years by far there were a lot of Big games announced this year.¬† Two new mario games¬† (new super mario bros wii, super mario galaxy 2) and a new golden sun (finally) And the one I was most surprised about, was the new project from a combined effort with Nintendo and team ninja (makers of the DOA series and ninja gaiden) that game would be Metroid: Other M . for me personally I think this looks amazing Ill put the trailer below and for this and some of the other games shown at the press conference today. Also they showed a new trailer for the the final fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers and kingdom hearts 358/2 Days, and more game play from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. also there is going to be a new Wario Ware. titled Wario Ware: DIY (Do it yourself) were you make the mini games this time. I see this both as a good and a bad idea. Over all im happy with the way this press confrence turned out; big improvement from last year.



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers

Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

Metroid other M

Golden Sun DS

Super Mario galaxy 2 (sorry sounds kinda bad)


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