A Small Little Question on Video Game


Sorry for not being able to Post much but been busy with school but yeah anyways, Ive had alot of time to think because Im alone with my school work……….(more inside)


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Happy Easter!!!


Happy Easter to everyone don’t go getting cavities haha lol

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To-Love-Ru OVA subbed

Download link inside.

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Follow up: Haruhi second season mix with the rerun


“TV stations have now not only confirmed….”

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1,000 Views Reached!!!!


YATTA!!!!! Video inside to celebrate

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Anime Review/Recommendation: ToraDora!


“Toradora!’s story begins with the male protagonist RyĆ«ji Takasu who is frustrated at trying to look his best…..” Review inside (spoiler alert!!!! spoilers in side)

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Sorry for the dissapearance

Sorry about that im really busy with school right now ^_^;;; yeah getting ready for college fun stuff. update more when I get time too. video inside.

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